This is a blog of the 31 things we will be doing in the month of January 2010 as part of our sustainable communities group. This post explains it all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The lentils are soaking...

The lentils are soaking for number 27 - make Moroccan lentils and send others a recipe!
The others are Kelly, Rapsodie and Eleanor, the people in our Sustainable Communities group. I think we're going to give them a recipe for pancakes. Our meeting is tonight at Rapsodie's house and we've run out of time today so tomorrow we'll double up and report back on that and another of the 31 Things we ended up starting when my sister Alison came over for a visit this morning.
We really need to defrost the fridge too... I noticed the freezer door no longer shuts properly, no matter how hard you try to jam it closed.

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