This is a blog of the 31 things we will be doing in the month of January 2010 as part of our sustainable communities group. This post explains it all.

Friday, January 1, 2010

31. Make a zine or blog or both about this

So number 31 but the first day of the 31 things. We made a blog!
We came up with the list of things this morning and that part was easy. Some of the things are stuff we've been intending to do for a while and some just seem like fun investigative things to look into that we wouldn't have been motivated to do without formalising them into a "challenge". When I look at the list, some of the things seem really obviously appropriate and some seem not to belong, but they do. We'll explain why with each activity.
I'm a little freaked by how much time it's probably going to take to document each of the daily things, when we're both committed to various other projects, but I'm also really excited by the whole thing. There's something about writing about a project that you're doing that makes you take it a bit more seriously, and that makes it a lot more fun.
We're going to pick them randomly, except for the ones that need to be done on weekends and so on. We can also do however many we want at a time, as long as they're all done by the last day of January. Our neighbour Anna was wondering if we'd end up in a 31 Things swat vac nightmare equivalent - with 27 activities left to do on the night before the 31st. I said that if so this would add the requisite drama to the blog.
Anyway, tomorrow's thing is 21. go on a bushwalk. Our friend Maja is picking us up at 10.30 to walk in the hills from Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty.

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